With this page I would like to give you an understanding of the aid project DIE KINDER VON GANGNAPUR e.V.. Since 2007 I, Ella Nölting, support the LORD JESUS SCHOOL. This school is located in Gangnapur, India, which is about 80 kilometers north of Calcutta. In the LORD JESUS SCHOOL street children are helped - with a school education, with dormitories, with sanitary facilities, a kitchen and a church. The school is run locally by Carlton Rixon and his wife Heather. Their commitment and initiative enables the children to start a whole new life.

For this work we are dependent on your help. With the donated money we have been able to cast concrete ceilings, lay electrical lines, plaster walls, install windows, build showers and toilets, and provide beds, benches and chairs.

Help us to support the street children of Gangnapur! In this way we can work together for more social justice and effective help for self-help.





More than half of the people in India live below the poverty line. Since the proportion of Christians in India is only 2.3%, the LORD JESUS SCHOOL - like almost all Christian organizations - is dependent on donations. With this money we want to make the people strong locally, in their home country!


Gangnapur, 80 kilometers north of Calcutta

Thanks a lot, Yours Ella Nölting
Mobile 0049 171 7032365