The siblings Rinki and Philipp were already in the Lord Jesus School when I visited it for the first time in 2007. Their parents visited them there regularly on the 1st Sunday of the month - the so-called ParentsDay.

Philipp always looked delicate and petite, so I always underestimated him, but he was a filou. He was a sweet boy, always mischievously observing everything. He attended school with great pleasure, but could also be called upon to do other work. He liked to help with the construction work. Only when it came to shining shoes, he was no longer to be seen. After the 8th grade, his parents took him from school, because he was needed at home for work, since his father was no longer so spry. I met him again in February 2017. He told me that he was now working in a company that organizes catering at the airport, even without a high school diploma. He seemed happy and we are satisfied that he found his way in life.

His sister Rinki was a very quiet girl who never tended to contradict. She was really nice and took excellent care of the smaller children. After graduating from school, she received a sewing machine through donations. At school, she had learned to make patterns and turn them into clothes. Today Rinki is an entrepreneur and sews saris and blouses for customers.

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