The siblings Martha and Fenella entered Lord Jesus School when Martha was a baby and Fenella was 3 years old. Their mother was living on the street with her second husband. No one was able to take care of these two girls. The generally difficult social position of girls in India did not make the situation any easier.

Thanks to the Lord Jesus School, both girls developed splendidly even without parents. They were carried along by the large crowd of growing children in the school. The younger Martha was always the center of attention. She was funny, talked intermittently, could dance and sing. She cared for a small group of chickens on the school grounds from a very early age, learning responsibility from an early age. Big sister Fenella, on the other hand, is very introverted. She only speaks when asked and answers very quietly. She masters everyday school life rather shyly.

Both siblings have grown up to be young women. They now live in one room, in the neighborhood of their friend Malaki and her parents. Together we paid for their first apartment furnishings and household goods. Sadly, their mother passed away from breast cancer in 2018. We made sure that she could be buried with honor.

Currently, Martha and Fenella are attending a computer course and helping in the kitchen of a restaurant.

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