Help from former students

The Corona virus has hit us with everything it's got. Not just us Europeans, but 1.3 billion Indians.

The lockdown will have a huge impact on all Indian cities. Most notably Calcutta, with a population of 18 million.

Day labourers, casual workers and stooges of daily life are the ones who are hit hardest. From hand to mouth. No reserves and smallest budgets. With the money they earn today, they buy the food for their families for the evening.

You can imagine what this lockdown does to the families' food. No state support or other assistance from the state to its citizens.

There have always been around 7,000 people dying of starvation in India every day. Among them 3,000 children and that was before the coronavirus.

Personally, I find it very difficult to consider how the figures will develop in the coming weeks. Especially when it only takes 1 Euro per day to get someone in India a meal.

Carlton and Heather Rixon and their team put their health at risk every day to provide and distribute cooked food and rationed food to the poorest.

Carlton and Heather are supported by the already grown up children from the Lord Jesus School. School leavers who have already worked in their professions and businesses and now suddenly find themselves out of work. At the end of March I asked them how the situation in India was and everything came up.

The hopelessness, the poverty, the hunger.

My friend Maria Fritz from Bad Säckingen and I joined forces again and informed our circle of friends about the current situation in Calcutta. The aim is to provide an enormous aid package so that a regular lunch can be cooked and distributed for 500 families in Calcutta.

Razia (OP with cleft lip and palate) who lives with her family and 200 other people under the bridge is provided with food and soap on a weekly basis. It is a great initiative that comes from "our" Indians and spills over the borders.

But the most important thing for me is that "our" children, who are now grown up, take responsibility for others. This shows me that "our" Lord Jesus School has done a good job in the past years. Not only has education been provided in word and writing, but through the example of the teachers and the director Carlton Rixon, other important values of charity have been passed on and lived.

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Gangnapur, 80 kilometers north of Calcutta

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