Shahid and Rohit are brothers. Together with their parents, they lived in modest circumstances. Their father Rikshawallah is a day laborer and drives transport material around Calcutta. Their parents have placed their children in the care of the Lord Jesus School, where they receive regular food and an education.

Shahid is a very lively boy. He is lively and has something to say about everything. He finds my English pronunciation extremely funny and sometimes can't stop laughing. At school, he ranks higher than his performance reflects. He bosses the smaller students and tries to organize everything. He got the chance to do a college degree in St. Mary Ranaghat, which unfortunately fell through. Since then, he has been working in a call center. He got married in 2018 and is expecting his first child in 2021.

Rohid is the quieter of the two brothers. He considers and weighs carefully what he wants to say. He is very helpful, stands up for his comrades and organizes things for them. After leaving school, he first became a waiter at the 8thday Café in Calcutta and even rose to become the buyer for the entire chain there. He made sure that food and decorative items were in stock. Because of his good English and his nice manner he is generally very popular.

Both brothers unfortunately lost their jobs during the pandemic and are actively involved in helping Carlton and Heather Rixon care for the people under the bridge in Kidderpore. Handing out food, encouraging kids to play sports, practicing their ABCs. They have become great men and are always on hand whenever Carlton needs them.

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